Secret Santa gift exchange generator

Free automated random generator for Secret Santa!


Welcome to Secret Santa It!

We're here to help you arrange your Secret Santa gift exchange. Simply fill in the budget, the organisers name and then put all the names and email addresses in the boxes. The elves will then magically mix the names up and tell everyone who they have got.
Clever huh?

Name Email
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Need to avoid certain matches?

Right, let's say that you want to try and stop certain people being matched? Perhaps they are arch enemies like James Bond and Dr No, or husband and wife or perhaps they simply can't stand each other. That's fine. We've got that in hand. Simply use the buttons below to add rows and names and as if by magic, we'll make sure they avoid each other. The name on left will not be matched with the name on the right.

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Secret WHAT now?

It's easy

Simply fill in the boxes and the elves will do the rest.

It's fast.

No messing around, it'll only take a few mins. Woo hoo!

It's safe

We won't store, or pass on any details. We're not nasty.

It's free

No murky hidden charges here. You're welcome!